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Chamber works published by Lauren Keiser Music (fka MMB Music) (ASCAP)

After Hours, five encores for flute and piano. Commissioned by Nadine Asin and Thomas Van Straaten. Premiere, Aspen Music Festival, July 9, 2001. More . . .

All About Love for mezzo-soprano, tenor and chamber ensemble, commissioned by Chamber Music Northwest. Premiere 1 July 2004 with Milagro Vargas and Leodigario del Rosarioß. One hour. More . . .

All About Love, Version for chamber ensemble (Flute, clarinet, guitar, accordion, piano, percussion, string quartet. Premere October 2006: Hai-Ting Chinn, mezzo-soprano; Thomas Glenn, tenor. Metropolis Ensemble, Andrew Cyr conductor.

At Melville's Tomb (1977) Juilliard School, May 1978. Judith Schiff, soprano; Daniel Druckman, vibraphone; Alan Cox, flute; Eric Ewazen, piano.

Blast! (with Bruce Bennett) For two trumpets and electronics, commissioned for the opening of the Performing Arts Building at Reed College September 2013.

Borrowed Times for clarinet and string quartet. Premiere Chamber Music Northwest January 2014.

Borsht Belt Memories for klezmer clarinet, bass trombone, violin, cello, piano and drums. Commissioned by Chamber Music Northwest. Premiere 5 February 2011, with David Krakauer, David Taylor, Curt Macomber, Michael Kannen, Marija Stroke, Michael Sarin and David Schiff (narrator).

Changes for Double Bass and Piano (1976) Bob Taffett, bass; George Manahan, piano.

Class of 1915 for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano. Premiere, Chamber Music Northwest, January 2012.

Divertimento from Gimpel the Fool (1982). Chamber Music Northwest, July,1982. David Shifrin, clarinet; Theodore Arm, violin; Fred Sherry, cello; William Doppmann, piano. CD by Delos, 1989. 20’. More . . .

Elegy for String Quartet (1978) Juilliard School, April 1979. Rolf Schulte, Curtis Macomber, John Graham, Marcie Rosen. Winner League-ISCM National Composers Competition, 1980. Subsequent performances by the League-ISCM and Speculum Musicae.

Fanfare for (5) Reed(s). Premiere Chamber Music Northwest, July 2012.

Five pieces and a Ghost from Debussy's Children'sCorner for clarinet and string quartet. Premiere, Chamber Music Northwest, June 2014.

Four Seasonal Interludes from All About Love. Premiere, Fear No Music, Portland Oregon April 20, 2008.

Gimpel-Suite for Violin and Piano (1988). More . . .

Joycesketch II (1981). Reed College, April 1981. John Graham, viola. Recording: CRI. 5’. More . . .

Mountains/Rivers for improvising soloist and chamber ensemble. Premiere June 6, 2008 by Larry Karush, piano and the Third Angle New Music Ensemble at Reed College.

New York Nocturnes for violin, cello and piano. Premiere, Chamber Music Northwest. 26 June 2000. 25’. More . . .

Nonet (2007) for string quartet, bass and four clarinets. Premiere: Chamber Music Northwest, July 23, 2007.

Nonet no. 2 for Reed Quintet and String Quartet, commissioned by Chamber Music Northwest. Premiere July 23, 2015: Dover String Quartet and Akropolis Reed Quintet.

Passacaglia on a theme from Wozzeck (1973) Manhattan School of Music, April 1973, George Manahan, piano.

RJ meets ED meets LJ for violin solo. Premiere April 2006, Ron Blessinger, violin.

Road Maps for improvising soloists and chamber orchestra. Premiere by Myra Melford, Brian McWhorter, Marty Ehrlich and the Third Angle New Music Ensemble, February 2014.

Scenes from Adolescence (1987) for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano. Premiere 29 June 1987, Chamber Music Northwest. James Walker, flute; David Shifrin, clarinet; Ik-hwan Bae, violin; Warren Lash, cello; Victor Steinhardt, piano. Delos CD. 30’. More . . .

Singing in the Dark for alto saxophone and string quartet, commissioned by Chamber Music Northwest. Premiere 4 July 2002 by Marty Ehrlich and the Miami String Quartet. 30’. More . . .

Singing in the Dark, Version for alto saxophone, string orchestra and percussion (2005). Premiere February 2006: Marty Ehrlich, saxophone, Metropolis Ensemble, Andrew Cyr, conductor.

Solus Rex for bass trombone and chamber ensemble (flute, oboe d’amore, horn, bass, piano, percussion). Commissioned by Chamber Society of Lincoln Center. Premiere 4 December 1992, Alice Tully Hall. David Taylor, solo bass trombone. 20’. More . . .

Suite from Sacred Service (1984). Chamber Music Northwest, July 1984. Judith Schiff, soprano; Ransom Wilson, flute; Yoshinori Nakao, clarinet; Theodore Arm, violin; Eriko Sato, violin; Paul Neubauer, viola; Hamilton Cheifitz, cello. CD by Delos, 1989. 25’. More . . .

Three Poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt (1979) Carnegie Recital Hall, February 1979. Cynthia Rose, mezzo-soprano; Anne Leek, oboe, Stewart Rose, horn; Barry Gold, cello.

Two Poems of Hannah Senesh (1976) Judith Schiff, soprano; Nadine Asin, flute.

Two Prayers (1983). Alice Tully Hall, November 1983. David Shifrin, clarinet; William Doppman, piano. 6’. More . . .

Wedding Verses (1976) Judith Schiff, soprano; Helene Reps, contralto; Lawrence Avery, tenor. The three previous works were premiered at the 92nd St Y May 1977.

Jazz Ensemble

Low Life for bass trombone and jazz orchestra. Commissioned by the Manhattan School of Music. Premiere, November 1998, Manhattan School Jazz Ensemble, David Taylor, bass trombone. 12’. More . . .

Shtik for bass trombone and jazz quintet (1992). Premiere, Manhattan School of Music, February 1992. David Taylor, solo bass trombone. Recorded for New World Records. 10’. More . . .