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Carter's Compositional Method: Washington University 1986.

Carter's New Classicism. AMS Baltimore 1988.

Listening With Barthes: Colorado College 1989.

Listening With Barthes (revised): UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Stanford, 1991.

Ideology and Jazz History: UCLA 1993.

The many faces of Rhapsody in Blue; UCSB 1996.

"An Experiment in Modern Music" CUNY November 1998.

One Hundred years of fake jazz. Los Angeles Philharmonic symposium, February 1999.

Death in Venice as opera. UCSC November 2000.

Copland and Jazz. AMS, Toronto, Canada November 2000.

Copland and Film. Pacific Symphony November 2000.

The Rake's Progess. University of Missouri-Kansas City. March 2001.

Post-Atonal Theory. University of Southen California, February 2003.

Music Criticism, Society for American Music, Eugene, OR, March 2005.

Whose Appalachian Spring is it? Bard Festival, August 2005.

Elliott Carter and the Great American Symphony Harvard November 2005.

Bernstein's ideas of musical comedy. Harvard October 2006.

A case of "Meeskite". UCLA October 2007.

Oklahoma and the Nazi Threat. Harvard October 2008.

Carter, Cage and all that Jazz, IRCAM, Paris, December 2008.

The Politics of Such Sweet Thunder. American Musicological Society, 2010.

A masterpiece around a masterpiece? Re-reading André Hodeir, presented at conference "Des pont vers l"Amérique 3" Paris, March 2013.