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In the 30s, Black Swing Was Golden, New York Times, July 28, 1991.

Pump Up the Volume, Beethoven, New York Times, August 11, 1991.

The Century May Already Be At An End, New York Times, Nov. 10, 1991.

The Bounds of Music The New Republic, February 3, 1992.

A Pianist With Harlem on His Mind, New York Times, February 6, 1992.

Ravel's Piano Style: A Bermuda Triangle, New York Times March 1, 1992.

Performers Catch Up With a Composer's Imaginings, New York Times, June 28, 1992.

Opera is...a. Drama b. Nonsense, New York Times, August 2, 1992.

In an Ugly Century, a Place for the 'Merely Beautiful', New York Times, 22 November 1992.

Review of Pierre Boulez, Stocktakings of an Apprenticeship, Notes, March 1993.

Re-hearing Bernstein, The Atlantic Monthly, June 1993.

Scanning the Dial, The Atlantic Monthly, November 1993.

Composers on the Couch, The Atlantic Monthly January 1994.

For Some Composers, Twas Not a Gift to be Simple, New York Times 9 January 1994.

Schoenberg Alive (Gasp) and Well. New York Times 16 January 1994.

Seattle Opera Brings Out the Best in Britten. Wall Street Journal 5 April 1994.

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In Brooklyn a Sandblasting for Stravinsky. New York Times 1 May 1994.

The Life of Lenny (Review of Leonard Bernstein by Humphrey Carpenter. The Sunday Oregonian 5 June 1994.

A Brash Kid No More: The Maturing of a Maestro. New York Times 19 June 94.

Prince of Patrons (Review of Mosaic: Memoirs by Lincoln Kirstein.) New York Newsday July 3, 1994.

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Built Pieces. [Duke Ellington as composer] The Atlantic. January 1995.

Sister Martha explains it All. ISAM Newsletter Spring 1995.

Take That, Wagner. Seattle Weekly 2 August 1995.

Twilight of the Gods. Seattle Weekly 23 August 1995.

An Older, Wiser Wunderkind. New York Times Magazine 20 August 1995.

Unreconstructed Modernist (Pierre Boulez) The Atlantic September 1995.

By Everyman, for Everyman (Irving Berlin) The Atlantic, March 1996.

The Many Faces of Ives. The Atlantic January 1997.

Listening to the Other Mahler, the Hopeful One. New York Times 22 December 1996.

A Composer Finds His Muses in the Here and Now: Performers. New York Times 17 March 1996.

Exodus, Moses And a Lot of Gaps. New York Times 25 May 1997.

Ado Over Penty O' Nuttin' New York Times 29 June 1997.

Classical Appeal. The Atlantic August 1997.

Redeeming the Rake. The Atlantic November 1997.

Learning from Britten. Opera News 3 January 1998.

Modernists in the California Sun. New York Times 25 January 1998.

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A Lyrical Reading of Bartok's Quartets. New York Times 29 March 1998.

Classical Radio Plays only to Sweet Tooths New York Times 31 May 1998.

Is Headline Opera Yesterdays News? New York Times 7 June 1998.

Making the Case for Prokofiev as a Heavyweight Contender, New York Times 21 June 1998.

A Matchmaker Promises Bliss in 'Tristan' New York Times 26 July 1998.

Misunderstanding Gershwin The Atlantic Monthly October 1998.

Carter as Symphonist, The Musical Times, December 1998.

A Defiant 90-year Old Who Belongs to Two Continents [Elliott Carter] New York Times 13 December 1998.

A New Measure for Heroes in Music's Valhalla New York Times February 28, 1999.

How Aaron Copland Became the Macher of American Music, Forward, March 19, 1999.

Who's We, White Boy? Review of Cambridge History of American Music, Times Literary Supplement 16 April 1999.

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Bridging a Chasm in the Modern Canon, New York Times 8 August 1999.

We Want Magic Atlantic Monthly October 1998.

Who Was That Masked Composer? Atlantic Monthly January 2000.

On the Road Toward Hope: Kurt Weill's Celebration of the Jews. New York Times 27 February 2000.

Breathing Life into Porgy and Bess. New York Times 5 March 2000.

A Case for the Melodious and Poignant Stravinsky, New York Times 18 February 2001.

Taking Movie Music Seriously, New York Times 22 April 2001.

The Tradition of the Oldie, The Atlantic Monthly March 2001.

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In Glass's House, The Atlantic Monthly , July/August 2001.

The Man Who Mainstreamed Mahler, New York Times 4 November 2001.

Conducting: A Backwoods Guide, The Atlantic Monthly April 2002.

Out of Our Dreams: The Atlantic Monthly October 2002.

Memory Spaces: The Atlantic Monthly April 2003.

Finding Religion in the Theater, Drama in the Church: New York Times 2 June 202.

Spiritual Testament, Political Testament, or Both? :New York Times 25 August, 2002.

Review of The Oxford Companion to Music. TLS 17 January 2003.

Probably Bob. TLS 31 January 2003.

A Musical Postcard from the Nazi Storm: New York Times 23 March 2003.

Mahler's Military Superiority. TLS 30 May 2003.

Opera Gets a New Home a Few Blocks from Rock: New York Times 27 July, 2003.

The Secret Love Affair Behind the 'Lyric Suite' New York Times 21 September 2003.

Review of "Jazz Modernism" TLS 3 October 2003.

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One Swell Party (Cole Porter) The Atlantic Monthly August 2004.

We Got Rhythm The Forward 4 September 2004.

Still Turning Provocations Into Classics The New York Times 13 March 2005.

The Shostakovich Wars TLS 4 May 2005.

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"Notes from Beyond" review of Other Planets by Robin Maconie; TLS March 31 2006.

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"Roll over Techno" (The Nation July 1, 2010).

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"The Three Faces of Steve". Review of Stephen Sondheim: Finishing the Hat (The Nation 23 March 2011).

Review of Marc Blitzstein by Howard Pollack (TLS 1 May 2013).

Symphonic Ellington? Re-hearing New World A-coming (The Musical Quarterly 7 November 2013).

"Leonard Bernstein" and "Elliott Carter" articles for the New Grove and "Elliott Carter" article for the new MGG.