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The Music of Elliott Carter (Eulenburg Books, London, 1983) Italian edition, 1991. Second edition (extensively revised and expanded (Faber and Faber (London)) and Cornell University Press, 1998). More information.

Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue, Cambridge Music Handbooks (Cambridge University Press, 1997) .

The Ellington Century (University of California Press; 2012)

In progress: Elliott Carter, Master Musician (Oxford University Press)

Copland and the 'Jazz Boys' in Copland Connotations, edited by Peter Dickinson (Boydell and Brewer, 2002)
A Red but no Communist in Edgar Varése: Composer, Sound Sculptor, Visionary (Felix Meyer and Heidi Zimmermann, editors; Paul Sacher Stiftung, Basel, 2006)
Memory Spaces in The John Adams Reader (Thomas May, editor; Amadeus Press, 2006)
Oklahoma! and the Nazi Threat in Cross-Currents, German and American music in the twentieth century. (Boydell Press 2014.)
Carter, Cage and all that Jazz in Tribute to Elliott Carter, Max Noubel, editor, University of Dijon, 2013.
Eveyone's Rite 1939-1946 In Avatar of Modernity: The Rite of Spring Reconsidered, Paul Sacher Stiftung, Basel, Switzerland, 2013.